Connecting Adult Care Homes and Referral Agencies

5 Reasons Your Adult Care Home Business Needs a Website

If you are an adult care home provider, I know you are busy.  You have residents to care for, a home to manage, a family who needs you, and at some point, you need some “me” time.  The last thing you want to think about is trying to set up and maintain a website for […]

Referrals Can Come From Anywhere

I spend quite a bit of time visiting my grandmother in her adult care home.  It’s a busy place with family visitors, therapists, chaplains, nurses and potential clients coming for tours throughout the day.  Too often, adult care home providers rely solely on referral agencies for potential clients and are frustrated by how long it […]

Intergenerational Care- Are you seeing the magic?

For many families considering placing a loved one in an adult care home, significant thought is given to the children that live in the home and how their loved one will be affected by the presence of children on a daily basis.  Most are quick to recognize the benefits of having children, big and small, […]